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Phylogeny and Evolution of Flowering Plants

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Phylogentic Tree & Dichotomous Key


Angiosperm Evolution Dichotomous Key

  1. Is a nucleus present?
  2. a. No
    b. Yes

  3. Is a chloroplast present?
  4. a. No
    b. Yes

  5. Is the organism land-based?
  6. a. No
    b. Yes

  7. Is the organism vascular?
  8. a. No
    b. Yes

  9. Are single-celled rhizoids present?
  10. a. No
    b. Yes

  11. Are tall and thin female structures present?
  12. a. No
    b. Yes

  13. Is the organism seedless?
  14. a. No
    b. Yes

  15. Is the organism flowering?
  16. a. No
    b. Yes

  17. Does the organism have multiple cotyledons?
  18. a. No
    b. Yes

  19. Is the gymnosperm monoecious?
  20. a. No
    b. Yes

  21. Are pinnately compounded leaves present?
  22. a. No
    b. Yes

  23. Are fan shaped leaves present?
  24. a. No
    b. Yes

  25. Does the organism have roots?
  26. a. No
    b. Yes

  27. Is the organism an autotroph?
  28. a. No
    b. Yes

  29. Are megaphyll leaves present?
  30. a. No
    b. Yes

Understanding the Key

1a. Domain Prokarya: Cyanobacteria
1b. Go to question 2.

2a. Domain Eukarya: Animal/Fungi
2b. Go to question 3.

3a. Kingdom Plantae: Green Algae
3b. Go to question 4.

4a. Go to question 5.
4b. Go to question 7.

5a. Nonvascular land plant: Bryophyta
5b. Go to question 6.

6a. Vascular land plant with single celled rhizoids: Hepatophyta
6b. Vascular land plant with tall and thin female structures: Anthocerotophyta

7a. Go to question 8.
7b. Go to question 13.

8a. Go to question 10.
8b. Go to question 9.

9a. Seed bearing vascular plant with one cotyledon: Liliopsida
9b. Seed bearing vascular plant with multiple cotyledons: Dicotyledonea

10a. Go to question 11.
10b. Nonflowering monoecious gymnosperm: Coniferphyta

11a. Go to question 12.
11b. Nonflowering land plant with pinnately compounded leaves: Cycadaphyta

12a. Nonflowering land plant without fan shaped leaves: Gnetophyta
12b. Nonflowering land plant with fan shaped leaves: Ginkophyta

13a. Rootless vascular land plant: Psilotophyta
13b. Go to question 14.

14a. Seedless vascular heterotroph with roots: Lycophyta
14b. Go to question 15.

15a. Seedless vascular autotroph without megaphyll leaves: Sphenophyta
15b. Seedless vascular autotroph with megaphyll leaves: Pterophyta


By Brittany, Katelyn, Kyle, and Robbie